Some songs from several years ago...

All songs are copyright Russell Galvin with all rights reserved.

Most arrangements are by John Ricco and Russell Galvin with most of the best parts played and arranged by John.

First the upbeat ones:

Maybe Tomorrow A song of youthful optimism. If I recall correctly, Robert Davieau played the drums on this one. Julie Smithson sings harmony.
Midnight Girl Lyric co-written with Linda Dacres. Easy going groove due in no small part to Bert on drums. Lead guitar sound achieved using a wine cork as a pick - John's idea.
Idyll (Please Don't Wake Up) Written enraptured as the sun came up on a Sunday morning awakening my love. Arrangement by Russell.
Changing Arrangement by Brent Johnson of Deck Chairs renown. An emotionally intense vocal performance.
Time and Space A pop, love song for physicists.
Have Some Fun With Me Recorded in a bedroom on an old 4-track Teac reel-to-reel. Electric guitar parts all played on a Fender Jazzmaster courtesy of Vito Ierullo of Records on Wheels. Arrangement by Russell.
I Believe In You Country flavoured duet with Julie Smithson. John Ricco on guitar.
Living in a World A sparse arrangement but a favourite of mine. Brent Johnson on synth bass.

And the darker ones:

Hard Driving On The Right A cry of anguish, featuring a pretty awesome guitar solo by John Ricco.
Lost and Found (with Linda Dacres) Subdued rock featuring the wonderful voice of Linda Dacres. Co-written with Linda. Arrangement by Russell.
Leonard Pain Another dark one. This is about an old friend of mine who writes excellent poetry and has endured some trials over the years. I love John's arrangement.
Night Expressing the serenity of midnight under the stars in Earl Bales park. Julie Smithson sings harmony.
Jonathan Says About the fortunately composite, fictional character of Jonathan.
Oh Magister Everyone has a Magister.
You've Got Me Going Lyric by Vito Ierullo of Records on Wheels. I'm playing Vito's Fender Jazzmaster and John Ricco is playing his beloved Strat. Bert on drums.
She Had To Take That Way A sad one about a struggling friend.

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